This Blog is Still Kicking

Contrary to what you may have thought, I haven’t completely given up here. It’s just that, well, I don’t really know what to do with it.

As soon as Peace Corps ended and I went to Poland the scope of the blog expanded and changed. It got ambiguous. And for some reason I didn’t mind sharing every detail of my life and thoughts while serving, but now that I’m doing other stuff that doesn’t sound so appealing.

Part of it is privacy. The other thing is that I am rarely inspired to write these days.

Still, the urge to write smolders. Besides that, there was the sweet, sweet connection with the readers of the blog. There weren’t many of you, but your readership meant a lot to me. I found that the blog was a good way to nurture friendships even from afar.

Some volunteers wrapped up their blogs so nicely and set them aside as if they were putting them in storage along with that -20 degree sleeping bag they’ll never use again. Sometimes I wish I did that too, but I just couldn’t. Mine took an abrupt Polish turn and has since gone quiet.

It’s awkward. But I have a lot of experience with awkward. Sometimes you just need to embrace awkward.

Here are some things I may occasionally write about here if the fancy strikes:

  • Armenia (duh) – My interest in the geopolitical affairs of the little Soviet Republic that Could will fester for a long time
  • Peace Corps – I still have some homies in the corps you know
  • The Journey – Going from A-18 PCV to RPCV to the great uncle who served in Algeria I think
  • Language Learning – Because if you’re not learning then you’re forgetting something
  • Poland – For obvious reasons
  • Other Random Life Interests – Stuff I think is worth sharing with anyone who still comes here
  • So this blog ain’t dead. I don’t know where it’s going exactly, but it’s going to go there.

    What do you think about the ambiguity? Your comments are the bellows to my fire.


    2 Responses to “This Blog is Still Kicking”

    1. Wayne Burt Says:

      Count me in as a continuing faithful reader, whether or not you have something interesting to say. I’m just glad that you’ll be back.

    2. Nancy Says:

      Ambiguity is-

      Just like Real Life!

      Glad your blog is back, even if just occasionally, Kevin!

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