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Fall in Poland

November 5, 2012

Fall in Poland is fall, but if with a twist. The leaves turn colors timidly, only the bravest of trees bold enough to show yellow. Brown is the hue of choice. Old men with mustaches sweep individual pale brown leaves into dustpans. Things are neat, yet wanting.

The blue sky disappears behind endless gray clouds rolling in from Germany and the sea. On the rare day the sky decides to come out to play, the effect is stunning: a gorgeous and happy place.

My favorite tree

Trick-or-treaters wage a cultural battle against their elders, attempting to establish something American in the time typically reserved for mourning and remembering the dead. Cemeteries burst to life with loved ones cleaning, placing flowers, and setting up candles. The warm glow of thousands of candles somehow fills up your soul, albeit in a melancholy way.

Rain stings your face a bit more often; water soaks your frayed pant legs a little too frequently. You’re safer just taking your rain jacket with you everywhere you go.

The normal gray scene from my apartment

Daylight slips through fingers at an alarming rate. The night begins well before 5:00 already. Smoke rises from chimneys, sometimes sweet smelling and other times foul. Piles of coal begin to accumulate in backyards. And the first snowflakes appear, maybe a little earlier than anyone wants. This is fall so far in Poland.