The Moment’s Thoughts

This post has no theme. It is a place for me to have diarrhea of the fingertips and put my 60 GWAM typing skills to use. Apologies in advance.

I guess I should start with how I’m feeling and how things are going here, since people tend to ask about that.

I feel pretty good. There are lots of things to be happy about I suppose: I am hanging out in Poland, I have an apartment of all my own, I have a TV which I use to listen to Polish news broadcasts until I pick up a word or two, I can take showers whenever I want, I have a fridge with good stuff inside, my bed is comfy, and most importantly I am in good health, have great family and friends, and the future is in front of me.

There are some things to not be happy about too: the Cardinals didn’t win Game 7, I couldn’t watch any of it, Bobby Valentine wasn’t calling games, and I can’t understand Polish. Maybe there are more but on the surface right now that’s about it. Seeing as 3 of my problems are baseball-related I think I’ve got it easy.

Oh yeah, I am unemployed. Should that go in the first group or the second group?

When people ask how Poland is I tell them that it’s pretty good. I think it would be better if I had work, but maybe that’s just wishful thinking. Regardless, I did apply to a bunch of jobs here last winter and had 0 success, so it’s not really for lack of trying. There’s only so much you can do as a non-EU passport holder (teach English). And I decided to not try to hawk my English teaching skills (or lack thereof).

But I have decided to try and do something. I contacted a local university and have an appointment tomorrow to go talk with an English lecturer about giving a presentation to her class next week. The idea is that I will present something on Armenia in English for them. It’s a win-win because they get to practice their English skills, learn something about the Caucasus (at this school they all have a focus on Russia and the old USSR gang), and get out of a normal lesson. And I get to force myself upon a group of poor students and talk about Armenia ad nauseum. If it goes well then I can take the show to other classes or start discussion groups or something.

I also have an acquaintance who is interested in improving her English. I am excited to help this person improve, despite the contradiction it might appear to create with what I wrote earlier. This would be voluntary work, or at least not done in exchange for currency (I would kindly accept a comestible of the Polish variety, however).

I feel a bit guilty as I have no real muse now. Next time, next time.


2 Responses to “The Moment’s Thoughts”

  1. Nancy Says:

    Hi, Kevin!

    Sounds like you have a few more creature comforts than last year!
    I feel your pain about the Cardinals! Pitiful! Imagine how awful they feel. But the first 6 games had us on the edge of our seats!

    Be Well!.

  2. icenugget Says:

    Indeed Nancy! What I like about the Cardinals is that they were playing when they shouldn’t have been. And also that Albert got to watch it all from Southern California.

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