What is the Hardest Adjustment of Peace Corps?

One of my friends from the prior group of volunteers recently posted an article: The Hardest Adjustment in Peace Corps is Coming Home

As I’ve been mulling the upcoming changes in my life, I decided to give it a read. I thought the main points were great. It’s some of the same stuff I’ve heard over and over again. But I don’t think going home will be the hardest adjustment. Why not? I think there are a couple reasons.

Armenia PCVs aren’t living in the squalor you would find in many other PC countries. I’ve talked about it before here, so I won’t bore you. The Posh Corps here is a lot closer to life in America than the author’s Botswana. It won’t be such a shock to go back. Things like the disgust with American waste won’t be a problem. If anything, I’ll be beaming with pride when I see that all of our waste is actually disposed of and managed.

Also, this blog has served as my soapbox upon which I have shouted, cried, dreamed, contemplated, complained, and rambled about my experience. Thanks to having a willing audience on the internet, I’ve partially fulfilled my need to talk about the experience ad nauseum. Actually, I’m sure I’ll still have trouble not starting sentences with “In Armenia…” but you all have really helped me in this area. Thank you for that! Plus, I kind of don’t want to hear about every detail of the last 27 months of everyone else’s lives, so I expect the same for me.

Anyway, there are a lot of thoughts swirling around right now. There’s a lot of homesickness suddenly, or just excitement to be home. I have some half-baked posts about things I’ll miss and things I won’t miss. These things not only give me pleasure to write about, but also help me process the situation and give me something interesting to look back on. Thanks for giving me motivation to write along the way. August 10th is coming quickly…


2 Responses to “What is the Hardest Adjustment of Peace Corps?”

  1. Peter Says:

    You will be glad you have all this great stuff to look back on and read. I still check my Italian blog occasionally when I’m looking for a laugh. More often than not I just notice how immature I still was then but I guess 6 years was a long time ago.

    I do kind of regret not keeping a short journal of my life on at least a monthly basis. I think it’d be pretty cool for anyone over 20 to read what was going through their head at 12 and so on.

    Really excited to see you buddy.

  2. icenugget Says:

    I agree with the journal writing/blog writing and the enjoyment you can get from looking back on that. I have a personal journal that I write in from time to time to try to capture some musings and feelings. The things we feel each day are often fleeting or once in a lifetime, however mundane they may seem at the time.

    I’ve been dreaming about Chicago for a while now, you know.

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