Video Man

Some readers have long requested video footage of my life in Vardenis. Now I have a camera and the know-how to make reasonably sized videos for Youtube. Here is a video that Ev and I just created for Peace Corps’s new-and-improved Community and YOUTH Development program (formerly CBD – b as in business):

CYD Video

We weren’t responsible for the script, which seemed quite awkward and jargony to me.

And of course, outtakes:


Enjoy this taste of winter in Armenia!


6 Responses to “Video Man”

  1. Wayne Burt Says:

    Thanks for starting my morning off with an entertaining blooper reel. I’d say it took some editing to get your final product in place as you can see in the your opening scene of the real video a smile that looked like it was headed into an uncontrollable laugh.

    Does this make only two sectors now in PC Armenia? TEFL and CYD?

  2. icenugget Says:

    Hehe I had a problem with laughing on camera. Ev on the other hand was a natural. The only time she laughed was when I was laughing behind the camera!

    Yeah, the only 2 sectors are TEFL and CYD. That’s been the case since last year when they eliminated CHE and EE. This year marked the mandatory 5 year review of the CBD program and they made some changes, which in my opinion will be very beneficial.

  3. Peter Says:

    haha! You need to start posting videos weekly man. That was hilarious. Every time you started laughing I did too.

    “God… This is like the worse day to walk in Armenia.”

    I love your little strut towards the camera while you’re talking. You can tell you’re bending your knees ever so gently like you own the place (which you kind of do).

    My favorite is your little laugh when the car drives through the water. That is a contagious laugh that I haven’t forgotten at 1:10.

  4. icenugget Says:

    More videos it is!

    Glad you enjoyed it 🙂 My favorite is the buses for some reason. But yeah, the whole thing makes me smile and will be a good reminder of Armenia in a mere 5 months (!)

  5. Peter Says:

    Yeah wtf? That first bus went from going straight to acting like he was going to hit a cameraman back to normal in 3 seconds..

  6. icenugget Says:

    Potholes. Really big potholes.

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