Infanticide in Armenia

Any Armenian will tell you about the Armenian Genocide at length.  You’ll hear about the 1 million people killed.  How they took their homes and land.  About all the suffering.

But other things here go unspoken.  It’s not surprising, in a land where holding hands in public is taboo, that people don’t often bring up the darker social issues that flow beneath the surface of society.

Watch this short video for an intimate look at the problem: The Red Apple

It’s no secret that people here want boys.  The boy is seen as powerful, a bread winner, and someone the parents can really be proud of.  Keeps the family lineage going type of thing.  Girls are nice too but by God we’re going to have a boy dammit.

When I first came here I didn’t really think about it or notice it.  But after a while you hear stories.  You hear that Armenian women have multiple abortions as they don’t use any contraceptives.  You begin to wonder if the women in your life carry that burden on their souls.  Then you start noticing other things.

Peculiarly, in many families the youngest child is a boy.  You can often see a couple with two children.  If the first child is a girl, then usually the 2nd is a boy.  Strange how that works.

It’s sad on its own.  But if you also consider the shrinking population of Armenia, this behavior leads to a demographic crisis.  All the little precious akhbers won’t have anyone to marry when they come of age.  Plus, you throw in rich South Koreans coming and marrying Armenian women (this really does happen – I met one of them at the airport) and you’ve got a legitimate problem on your hands.

In many ways, the future of the country depends on things outside the control of the average Armenian.  And then here is a case where the Armenians themselves are crushing their own future.


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