Winter: Month 3

I know all too well that the US is experiencing a warm winter this year.  Some places haven’t seen snow yet, wearing a t-shirt outside has been possible, etc.  I am happy for all of you.  Really!

In Armenia, we’re trying to get through the 3rd month of winter.  The season starts in November usually and lasts until April.  That’s 6 solid months of snowy, blustery, icy conditions.  I got through the first 2 months with the help of my heater.  But I kind of cheated.  I spent time in each month abroad.  But January will be my true test.  I spend the entirety of the coldest month of the year here in the highlands.

Right now I’m hosting another CouchSurfer (really cool guy), so we went for a walk today.  Here are some scenes from a typical Vardenis winter day.

Leo and Laura taking it all in (freezing wind included)

Armenian gravestones


King of Vardenis

The last couple pictures display the Vardenis stadium.  That’s right, this withering town of maybe 10,000 souls once boasted a functional stadium and professional team.  Makes you sad that St. Louis can’t get its act together, right?

Like many things in Vardenis, the stadium tells of a legacy flushed down the toilet.  There are countless scenes around town reminding you of better days gone by.  I have told many people that I wish I could see what it was like here 30 years ago.  Have a taste:

One of two former cinemas in town

Let's have a peek inside...

Give your eyes a second to adjust...

Oh, what used to be!

The intense, but low, winter sun arching over a former restaurant and hotel

A sign hinting at old friendships now caked in blood: Khash (boiled cow hoof stew) and khinkali (Georgian dumplings) written in some sort of Russian/English/Turkic combo that would be understandable to Azeris

Makes that pothole you have to dodge on the way to work seem a little trivial, huh?


2 Responses to “Winter: Month 3”

  1. Wayne Burt Says:

    Thanks for baiting me. It almost got as far as home sweet home.

  2. icenugget Says:

    Your neighborhood is the most charming, what can I say?

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