Dancin’ Fools

Over the weekend a travelling dance camp came to the Vardenis YMCA to teach the kids some new techniques.  My friends Matt, Alex, and Maggie taught a choreographed dance routine to an Usher song and b-boying skills to the kids in the TenSing group.

TenSing stands for Teenagers Singing and is a phenomenon started in Norway.  It is widespread across Europe, with big TenSing festivals and everything.  It combines dance, drama, singing, and most importantly, empowers its members to lead and be good people (as it is member led, member directed).  When I first came here the concept didn’t really make sense, but I’ve since seen how it works wonders here in Vardenis.  The kids have so much fun with it.  Those who participate are definitely more free and open than some of their peers.  They absolutely love to dance.

Combine that enthusiasm with a trio of PCVs who really know how to break it down, and you’ve got a very effective, basically free little project.  In fact, they’ve done this camp before at the Vanadzor Y, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they do it later at Spitak.

They did 3 days of teaching, most of which centered on the Alex-created choreography to Usher’s “DJ’s Got Us Fallin’ in Love”.  Matt mixed it up by teaching them some stuff about b-boying (otherwise known as break dancing) like b-boy stances and 6 steps.  Maggie was the lynchpin that held it all together, giving the majority-girl participants a peer to look up to.  My friend John also came and helped run the music, take pictures, and even learned the dance.

My job was just organizing the thing with the Y and then hosting the dudes.  After several days of hosting in my apartment (you’ve all seen the pictures), I am ready for my next vacation!  Seriously, I’m going to Poland in 10 days.

Matt and John b-boying

Alex teaching his choreography

Great success!


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  1. Wayne Burt Says:

    I need the video!

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