Getting Ready for America

Eighteen months ago I was getting ready for the biggest trip of my life. Now, here I am, getting ready to make the return trip. There are several major differences this time around. I’m packing for 2 weeks instead of 2 years. I know the language. I (think I) know what to expect.

My apartment is a mess with the ongoing packing process. That is driving me nuts. It also gives me the transient feeling you get whenever you are getting ready to move or just settled somewhere. I don’t like that feeling.

Trying to tie all the loose ends, make sure I pack everything I need and want, and planning the trip…fun on one hand and stressful on the other. Still, the stress is minimal at best and completely worth it. The opportunity to see my family, friends, and attend some of my best friends’ wedding is wonderful.

It also serves as a nice break and vacation from Armenia. Some things here have been driving me crazy lately so it will be good to do a cultural 180. I know I have some reverse culture shock ahead of me, but I’m actually looking forward to what that is like. Being shocked by the culture you grew up in…now there’s something that not everybody gets to experience. Will the endless, ubiquitous, inane cell phone conversations that I will be fully able to understand drive me completely crazy? It’s likely. Will I succumb to panic attacks in the supermarket when faced with 25 different kinds of deodorant? I think so. Will that first bite into a medium-well cheddar burger make me reconsider ever going back to Armenia? Absolutely!

I think it will be a marbled experience, with swirls of glitter-farting-unicorns-flying-over-marshmallow-rainbows-wonderfulness mixed in with splotches of this-is-my-culture-and-I-don’t-know-how-I-feel-about-all-of-it-confusion.

In any case, time will be short and I hope that that fact doesn’t piss anyone off who wants to see me. To anyone who might wind up on the short end of the IceNugget visit stick, I assure you that I will again be back in the summer and will have much more time to properly catch up with everyone.

With that, don’t expect anything new here until after Thanksgiving. I hope you all have a great holiday!


2 Responses to “Getting Ready for America”

  1. Wayne Burt Says:

    Kevin jan, have a great trip and I’ll be looking forward to hearing about the visit. Your feelings on the return trip after the two week hiatus will be most interesting.

  2. icenugget Says:

    Thank you Wayne jan! I hope to visit my WWS school in STL so that will be interesting and part of the next update. Have a great Thanksgiving.

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