Vaghashen and Firsts

Yesterday we had a birthday celebration in Vaghashen, a village outside of Martuni. Martuni is overflowing with a really cool group of A-17s who will all be leaving soon. So it was time to get our kicks in while we still have time together.

The cows coming home, literally stopping traffic on the main thoroughfare for the entire marz (state)

The day was a great escape: hanging out with a bunch of cool Americans, chatting, drinking beers, and eating khorovats. The weather was as crazy as ever, with rain, sun, more rain, more sun, etc. We made the most of the day and had an amazing time enjoying each other’s company. Every time I see these people now I wonder if it will be the last time.

Pristine weather for 1 hour

Besides that, I was thinking that today was a day of firsts. Let me elaborate.

First time walking on the same road amongst a huge group of cattle going to pasture. Thankfully, they were docile.
First time hitchhiking with 2 guys where the car stops and one of them gets out, informing me to stick with him as he has another car coming that will take us all the way to Vardenis. The kindness is sometimes incredible.
First time going in to work on a Sunday (in a long time). I think I’ve done this before here, but definitely not in the States! I didn’t really do much there but it did require me to change out of my lazy man wardrobe.


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