A Full Day

Yesterday was one of those days where you are lying in bed at the end thinking about all the cool stuff you just did. Let me capture that moment, more for my future self than anything, before I forget.

7:00: Wake up (about 1.5 hours earlier than any Armenians) and go for a run. Set a new course record, and, since I am the only one who runs this course, by default, a new world record for my meager ~4km loop of 16:53. It feels great to break 17. Enjoy a strong runner’s high after the max effort.
8:30: Skype with Peter for the first time in country (way overdue!). It was great to feel that he was in the room with me. Reminiscent of one of our thousands of conversations at SLU.
10:00: Go to the Y only to find that it is dead quiet except for the janitor. No child programs today since there is a concert at 12.
12:00: Take pictures of the concert. Beam a big smile as I watch the kids sing “Itsy Bitsy Spider” and “Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round” (my favorite song from childhood). Who says Peace Corps doesn’t have an impact?!
2:00: Impromptu meeting with the CEO of the National YMCA. The website is finally done and there will be upcoming training meetings to show us how to use and update it. I can’t attend the first training since I’ll be in Georgia, but hopefully there is another I can go to.
4:00: Head home from the Y. On the way home, I stop in the flower shop near my house. Have a great conversation with the owner, who is one of the most friendly and easily understood men I’ve met in Vardenis.
4:30: Get home. Realize there is no water so I can’t finish my laundry as planned. Instead I sit and daydream about the near future for a while, after eating some bread and cheese for lunch.
6:00: Read, listen to music, work out, prepare dinner
7:30: Force myself to go to host family’s house for the first time since moving out. Give the women roses for Women’s Day, eat dolma, crush a bottle of vodka in about 20 minutes with the host dad and his brother, hang out with them for a couple hours. Realize that coming to visit them is kind of cool and that I should do it more often.
10:00: Get home and after hearing gushing water, realize I left the tap open. Speedily do some laundry, go to give Aga a rose too, call Solak host family and wish Artur a happy birthday and arrange a visit for Sunday
12:00: Go to bed and listen to Nickel Creek

Sunday I’m off to Georgia for a few days. Then I have some meetings in Yerevan. It’s shaping up to be a busy month, as I will also have something in Vanadzor and then a 3 day training in Yerevan for the HIV initiative. Next time, full report of Georgia and other happenings.


2 Responses to “A Full Day”

  1. Peter Says:

    ummmmm HELLO?

    When do we get to hear about Georgia?



  2. icenugget Says:

    I’m back and feel the creative juices of a blog post, but am also a bit sick and exhausted from travel. So, if I don’t write it tonight, tomorrow for sure 😀

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