There’s a Mouse Up in this House

Breaking news: I woke up this morning to a mouse in my bed.

More breaking news: Just got done plastering all the cracks between the floorboards and wall to trap that bastard in his place.

We will keep you abreast of any developments in this story.


9 Responses to “There’s a Mouse Up in this House”

  1. Nancy Says:

    Perhaps that cuddly little mouse was your Valentine – and you didn’t recognize her in her disguise! 🙂

  2. Aunt Kim Says:

    Doubt if they have Bounce fabric softener sheets over there, but if you can get some decorate your apt with them. Mice won’t come near them until they’ve lost their scent.

  3. Gail Says:

    Can you buy mouse traps in Armenia? I can send some if needed!

  4. icenugget Says:

    We have mouse traps, mouse poison, but no Bounce! I am on the hunt for the poison…hopefully today I will buy some.

  5. Peter Says:

    Don’t worry Kev, I am more than willing to send you some poison in your care package that will be going through the mail system.


  6. icenugget Says:


  7. Ben Says:

    If that’s the actual mouse you better not kill it! So cute! Mail me that mouse!

  8. icenugget Says:

    Sadly I cannot proffer a worthy description of the mouse. I am nearly blind as it is – I just saw a gray streak run across my mattress. But I can assure you it is despicable, not cuddly/cute.

  9. Jared Says:

    Apartment Mascot I think!

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