Border 2 Border

A while back I mentioned I would be applying for a walk across Armenia. In January I heard back that I did not make the walking teams, but I was chosen as the first alternate for either group. I was also asked to help out with organization of the project too. I was more than happy to oblige.

Since we are now in full swing, here is the scoop. The project will take place in June, aiming to raise awareness for child health, raise more awareness for Peace Corps in Armenia and its 50th anniversary worldwide, and connect disparate organizations. How will we do that? By sending 2 groups of 6 volunteers each to walk across Armenia while handing out information and presenting training seminars. The Northern Group will walk from the Georgian-Armenian border while the Southern Group will walk from the Iranian-Armenian border. Both groups will meet in Martuni after about 20 days of walking/teaching.

Several of my meetings in Yerevan last week were for Border 2 Border. We met with a couple big name organizations here in Armenia and are hopeful to soon announce some partnerships. My specific functions are tied to the budget and, more broadly, to a sub-team that is focusing on NGO cooperation and marketing.

Check out more details here at the official blog.

Also, there is a Facebook “cause” page dedicated to this effort. Join up and tell all your friends too!


3 Responses to “Border 2 Border”

  1. Peter Says:

    I would not go within even 10 or 20 miles of the Iranian border since Americans to them looked at as a commodity with which to embarrass the state department.

  2. icenugget Says:

    We have volunteers in a town that is about 2 miles from the border. The walk will start in Agarak down south, which is about 1 mile from the border.

    It’s interesting because we have no restriction with site placement in regards to the Iranian border. But we have a 5km mandatory buffer zone on the Azeri and Turkish borders. There is also an aging nuclear plant southwest of Yerevan of which volunteers cannot be placed within 30km. One of my friends near the Azeri border constantly hears gunfire.

  3. Peter Says:

    As you’ve said, Vardenis gets better by the day!

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