9/13/10 9:20 a.m.

Yesterday was a holiday called Supkhach, which is a remember-the-dead day. So we don’t have work today. I am considering it a substitute for the lack of Memorial Day last week.

Friday I went to Yerevan with Morten for a national YMCA meeting about creating their website. I am not the person who will be building the website, but there may be some opportunities to help. From there we headed to Sevan for a weekend with other PCVs.

In Sevan we stayed in little cabin buildings on the lake. Unfortunately it was pretty cold and windy most of the time, but we still enjoyed ourselves. There is a peninsula with 2 old churches that serves as the local tourist trap. It offers great views of the surrounding area. The peninsula actually used to be an island before the lake was drastically lowered during soviet times.

Sevan Peninsula

It was really good to see the other volunteers again, even if it had only been a month. I could see some drastic changes in a couple people after just one month at their sites. There’s no doubt that being here is stressful in ways you can’t anticipate, and your body reacts accordingly. I’m pretty sure I’ve lost weight here, which is common among guys.

'This is OUR trash,' said the cows

Earlier in the week there was a concert at the local park to commence the renovation of the town’s culture house. There were Russian flags everywhere, so I think it might be funded by the Russian mining company that operates the gold mine near town. The Russian ambassador was there. It was a fun opportunity to do some people watching, since I am usually the one getting the stares. At one point some fat guy in a suit came up to Morten and me asking if we were Russian. When he found out we weren’t, he left immediately.

There was also a small gathering for the Polish volunteer’s birthday in her apartment. It was some of the most international hanging out I’ve ever done: An American, Englishman, Pole, and Dane. It made me realize how similar we all are (or maybe that’s just because we are all Westerners). Another Polish volunteer arrived on Saturday, but I have yet to meet her.

In other news, I would like to congratulate Emma on her placement in Peace Corps Cameroon! If you get a chance to read this, I hope you have a fantastic experience.

I do have to wonder what the world is coming to after recently learning that the Nebraska Cornhuskers will be joining the Big Ten, and that the Cardinals probably won’t make the playoffs. But what can you do?


5 Responses to “Sevan”

  1. Peter Says:

    I about died at that photo of the cow! Hehe, they took a break from their meal to pose for your shot!

    Also, that lake looks gorgeous! Very relaxing and calming.

  2. Ben Says:

    Always great to hear you’re doing well brother. You’re wise to concentrate a good chunk of your energy on the language. As the wise investor you are, I’m sure you know that the upfront investment now will certainly pay MASSIVE dividends later and make you a more capable servant and a happier human being. Communication is so over-rated until you lose it! Be well Kevin, and stay safe. We all miss you here, my brother.

  3. Emma Says:

    Yay!! Thanks, Kevin!! I leave on Wednesday morning…yikes!!!

  4. Commander Walsh Says:

    “An American, Englishman, Pole, and Dane were all celebrating a Pole’s birthday in Armenia. What is this some kind of a joke?

    -As an unrelated aside-

    Remember Lenard: “Want some of this beef, ‘Smoop’ ‘Smoop’.

    And Sharon: “Where’s your boyfriend Peter?”

  5. icenugget Says:

    The cows were chomping on the garbage but did not want to share once we came closer…

    Thank you everyone for reading/commenting!

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