Gaz Chka

9/3/10 9:00 PM

I was just reading a book called Blue Latitude, sitting with my back to the window to glean the last of the setting sunlight, eating a mini candy cane that had been expired for 2 months, while occasionally catching a whiff of my own stench, when I had one of the moments where you just think, “ahhhhh.”

It has been a good week. Monday our office was closed. I got my laundry done instead. Tuesday I went to Gavar and met with other PCVs. Today I inhaled a most delicious snickers after dinner. Work was fruitful this week. I had my first week of language tutoring. There is a new volunteer from Poland and another on the way. I got to say my goodbyes to Wayne. I finally memorized the 39 letter alphabet. There were 2 new foods this week too.

The language tutoring is very morale-boosting, because now I feel as if I am back on track, making progress in the language again. Plus it gives me something concrete to do 3 days a week. I do see now that I have made some progress in my comprehension after 1 month at site. I don’t think my speech has really improved, but I am noticing a few more words here and there. I’m also beginning to recognize new words in everyday speech. There is still so much to learn, but I can really see that the better my language is, the more I can get done here and the more I can enjoy my time here.

Okay, time for the food update. This week I had…………..
1. Walnut preserve thingies
2. Fig
The walnut thing was very new to me. They take the walnuts before they are brown and woody. They put them in some kind of magic dark sauce for canning purposes. They then eat the soft yet crunchy walnuts whole after letting them marinade in the syrup. The syrup is quite runny and slightly resembles maple syrup. Apparently they only eat it with tea, not on bread like I would think. It is almost too sweet for me. After trying one, I wasn’t going back for seconds.

Wayne and I after his farewell dinner - a great man!

The fig, or “tooz”, was also completely new to me. It looked like a colored onion. Again, I can’t say I was a big fig fan. The squishiness and mellow sweetness were not the best combination. It degenerated into some sort of mush ball which I wasn’t excited to finish. Most of the food I have tried here has been great. But maybe these 2 new ones just aren’t for me.

Wednesday and Thursday our gas was out, but with few noticeable consequences. My family quickly busted out a small electric coil stove without a plug on the cord. No matter, just plug the two exposed wires into the 2 outlet holes. Armenia!

Also, today was quite windy, which means it was also dusty. For the 3,268th time so far in Armenia, I was glad I wasn’t wearing contacts.

I think tomorrow morning I am going to take my first Vardenis run. It’s long overdue and I need to shower anyway.

PS – Address has been added to the “about” section to the right.


3 Responses to “Gaz Chka”

  1. ejehle86 Says:

    Figs are gross whole, but get your hands on some fig jelly and eat it with the panir! mmmmmm boy, I bet that’s tasty 🙂

  2. icenugget Says:

    Okay that sounds like it might work! Do they have figs in Cameroon??

  3. 2010 in review « IceNugget's Blog Says:

    […] Gaz Chka September 20102 comments […]

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