Two months already?

The last month has seemingly gone by a lot faster than the first. It feels good to have 2 months down now. It’s kind of like a down payment or something. I feel comfortable feeling uncomfortable at this point.

There are so many times while I’m here that I wish I could record a video and transmit it to people back home. For instance, today I rode back to Solak with just the driver, who is maybe 30. We were listening to Barry White while cruising at 120 KM down the country road. The lyrics were ridiculous and I was trying not to laugh at the situation.

Another one would be the traffic/pedestrian situation in Yerevan. There are so many things happening at once that are illegal in the US, it’s overwhelming. Armenians jaywalk like it is their job. They make SLU students look like total amateurs.

Or sending a perfectly weighted volley to the kids whose soccer ball went astray even though you’re in your dress clothes, and then hearing them praise you.

I am definitely getting used to a lot of the crazy happenings here. Flying through a herd of cattle in the middle of the road in a taxi is still amusing, but it is not shocking. I love that aspect of this experience…that you get to see firsthand what this country is like, rather than just seeing the tourist destinations or something.

Right now I am feeling relieved. I finished my portion of the business practicum today. I taught a 2.5 hour course in time management to junior members of NGOs around Yerevan. I was worried about the timing; I thought I would run short. Thankfully everything went great and it was a good session. Now I am just looking forward to our last 2 central days, a tiny bit of free time (relatively speaking), and swearing in. The final hurdle is our language test on Monday, but I am not too worried.

I think swearing in will be one of those moments in life that is profound. I am really looking forward to it. The other trainees and I have been through a lot of change and stress together. It has been a great bonding experience. Splitting up next week will be bittersweet.


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