7/7/10 5:05 PM
4th of July went well. There was lots of good food and everything came together nicely. We had a perfect turnout. We played some games with the kids which led to some interesting photos.
That day I actually got locked out of my house so I walked to the highway to have a celebratory holiday beer. It was a nice bit of alone time in an otherwise crazy period. Then we all ended up going there later after our party! It is a pretty cool place…the walk is long enough that by the time you get there, the beer is well-earned. It’s just a little khorovats (barbecue) stand along the highway that has cold beer. But we are lucky because as far as I know the other little villages don’t have anywhere you can go to relax and have food/drink.
This weekend is our site visit. I am excited but a bit nervous too. I will meet my new family and go through all the awkwardness all over again. We are there for 3 days with nothing planned, so hopefully the weekend doesn’t drag.
I have had some negative reactions from locals when I tell them I am going to Vardenis. They say it is extremely cold and a tough environment. One lady also said it is the opposite of the most beautiful place in Armenia! I’m sure it will be fine, but I guess I am tempering myself a bit more for a possible shitty situation. Two years could be a very long time if I don’t like the town!
Full debrief next time.


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