0 to 60

I walked in the door. I had eaten lunch out with friends, so I hadn’t been home at midday. “Ah, it feels good to be home,” I said after a mixed day at work. The late afternoon sun was peeking in through the blinds, lightly illuminating the concrete floor and white brick walls. I looked at the phone sitting on the counter next to what was an inaccurate parmesan shower for my farfalle the night before. I hit the sidebar. No missed calls or voicemails. “~That doesn’t mean I won’t hear from them today~” I sang to myself.

I perused the internet for a few moments before checking my 2nd email account. No, not the semi-junky one that gets filled with Papa John’s offers and Facebook nonsense. The one where real stuff happens. I didn’t see it at first. It wasn’t from The Peace Corps. It was from some lady I had never heard of. But it said Peace Corps. I got a little flutter. Was it a premature ventricular contraction? Au contraire, ’tis only my visceral excitement.

To paraphrase, they asked if my July 1st “ready to depart” date was still valid. Could I leave any earlier? What? Why did they have July 1 marked down? Leave early?? Late May or June??? That’s like, tomorrow! But where would I be going? Could it be somewhere besides Eastern Europe? What about that floatrip I just RSVP’d for on Facebook? I’m scared! Oh, July 1st 2009…because I applied last year and didn’t want to leave before that! They must not put years on those bad boys. Should I do it? How will I get ready in time? Peaccorpswiki.org! Call Mom! Ahhhhhhhhhhh! (Excited schoolgirl sream)

Fittingly, “Send Me On My Way” came on Pandora as I read the email.

So I replied that of course I could leave early. I got another reply back that said they would put me in line for a May departure. I still need the invite, so it’s not official yet. Regardless, I did an 80% celebratory Daler Mendhi video dance session (I do this ritual on special/terrific occasions).

The only way I can describe the feeling of one moment thinking I am in the doldrums until late summer and at the next moment suddenly having my file placed in the Peace Corps’s “comin in hot” pile, is 0 to 60. Wow.


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