“What’s their deal?”

My friend Jared asked that incredulously a couple weeks ago regarding the Peace Corps. I didn’t really have a good answer for him, other than the waiting period might weed out those who aren’t fully committed. To put it in perspective, when I applied last year Jared did not know what he would be doing that summer. Today he is a Marine Corps Officer awaiting his second summer of employment. Thank God the military processes people a tad faster than PC!

Another funny (to me) thing happened yesterday. I got a letter from the PC. My excitement was tempered when I saw the Chicago Regional Office return address. At this point, the good stuff is going to be coming from Washington D.C. It was an invitation to the STL area PC nominee/invitee/applicant potluck picnic thing. The reason I found it funny was because this is my second invitation to this annual picnic….and I’m not even an invitee yet!! That is somewhat ridiculous, you have to admit.

I don’t want to sound too cynical. I understand the process is what it is. There is nothing I can do to speed it up. But sometimes things like the above happen and I find it too comical not to share.

My hopes have actually been rising along with the temperature. The last few weeks I have been actively checking the Yahoo group and reading more PC Journals for inklings. I even started checking the PC wiki’s timeline. Right now there are 6 July departures listed, 4 August, and 5 September I think. So someone out there is getting an invite. Either that, or someone thinks it’s funny to update the wiki with dates that create false hope!

Really I think it will come in the next month and a half. I sincerely hope so. I am getting quite restless in my job. A change feels long overdue. I don’t know how much longer I can hold on there. A delayed invite or a no-go would be devastating. Just knowing what lies in my immediate future would be really liberating. As soon as I hear from PC, I will be pedal to the metal in terms of preparations, a la the medical packet.

I still have times when I think what I’m doing is crazy. I wonder if I’m up to the task. But at this point I have pacified those fears so many times that it’s easy enough to put them to bed once more.

Right now the weather, my friends, my family, the Cardinals, and a new kickball squad are keeping my spirit sky high.


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