Building Momentum

Peace Corps has an increasing presence in my thoughts as my nomination date grows closer. It’s like a dense fog in my life. You’re not too sure what lies up ahead around the bend, but you can feel the water in the air everywhere you go.

Lately I’ve been reading applicant blogs on the Peace Corps Journals website. I’ve also been prowling the Yahoo PC group to get insight on what others are experiencing. A lot of the April/May invitations are going out right now. Last week someone got a July invite too. That means maybe September will be popping up in another month or so (at least I hope).

There is always the chance I could get bumped up, so I have decided to start getting some things done here that I need to do before leaving. Today I ordered a laptop. My 2004 Dell desktop will not be making the trip for obvious reasons. Plus it has officially become outdated. Actually, it has probably been outdated for several years, but it seemed fine to me! I also put my electric guitar equipment up for sale on Craigslist. I have quite a few other items that could be sold too. Plus, I need to get rid of a lot of clothing. All those t-shirts I wore my whole life, as much as I hate to admit it, do not get a whole lot of use now that I am a corporate robot.

I think other people are also cognizant of the approaching deadline. Or at least they are confused why I am still here. The number of questions I get about PC might be at an all time high.

I am thankful that it is already late March. The winter doldrums are behind us. Now, everyday when I come home from work I check my phone just to make sure I don’t have a special voicemail that will change my life. Finally being in the window of receiving an invitation has brought a lot of hope and excitement into my life.


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