Over the weekend I had the privilege of visiting my sister in Colorado. It was my first time stepping foot in the state, and it lived up to expectations.

Colorado observations:
-Middle aged men all have beards
-The state flag is everywhere (they use it on all route markers)
-Angled pallets are everywhere (I later learned these are snow blocks)
-I know nothing about living in/near mountains

I was lucky because I got to see the rural side of Colorado and the urban side. My journey took advantage of all means of transportation that have been invented, except a boat. I took the Metrolink from my apartment to Lambert in STL, which saved around $40 in parking. Southwest flew me in to Denver International. From there RTD’s bus dropped me off near the sis. She picked me up; we were on our way.

We traveled to Buena Vista, which is roughly 2 hours southwest of Denver. Had I taken Spanish, I would have anticipated the awesome 360 degree view of mountains from the quaint town. We stayed in her boyfriend’s parents’ mountain home, which is stunning. Outside the 20 foot high windows of the great room loomed Mt. Princeton among other “14ers” (elevation +14000 feet – I had no idea what it meant before I got there).

We skiied at Monarch, my first mountain skiing experience and second overall skiing experience. I was able to handle all the greens, but I instantly lost control on the blue I attempted. Luckily I fell right before I would have inadvertently flown onto a black mogul run. Surely I would have had some medical restrictions to report to the PC if I made my way onto that trail!

Other attractions included the REI flagship store, a driving tour of all major sports stadiums, Mrs. E’s cooking, the Tattered Corner bookstore, Lime, and amazing whole wheat blueberry muffins.

It was a short trip but a good one. The best line of the weekend came at the very end, while Kelsey and I made the epic drive to the Denver airport (they might as well have put it in Kansas).

Regarding the bright blue bronco statue with glowing red eyes:
“I get that we’re the broncos, and our colors are red and blue, but you don’t have to put it altogether at once!” That might not read funnily, but the way Kelsey said it with her arms waving cracked me up.

PS – We drove through the real South Park! It’s really an area, but the town of Fairplay had South Park Bowling Alley, South Park Cathedral, etc. Pretty cool, mkay?


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