Thoughts for a New Decade

The good news? Another month has passed. The bad news? I just went back to work this week after a 2 week vacation.

I am in a weird spot right now for PC. I could be invited just 2 months from now. Or I could be invited 7 months from now. If I am invited in March, will that make waiting until September even harder? Would I quit work too early? If I am invited in July or August, will I have enough time to wrap up my life in the states?

If the invite comes in March, I’ll probably still work for a few months. June might be the earliest I’d resign. That would give me 2 months to prepare, spend some time at home, and see all my friends. It will be pretty tough for me to stick it out at work though if I do get an early invite, because I’m itching for a change right now.

Enough of that. A new decade is here. With it comes that clean slate feeling and then some. I’ve thought about where I was in 2000, a 13 year old in 8th grade, and where I am now, a 23 year old in corporate America. That is a massive swing. I’m not sure I’ll ever see a decade bring that much change. 10 years from now my guess is I’ll be alive (hopefully), maybe married, maybe with kids, working a job I can’t even fathom right now, living who knows where, and perhaps doing a side business. Serving in the Peace Corps would be a great foundation for the decade. It would undoubtedly open up new possibilities for my career, so I really want it to work out.

Sorry, this post was whiney. If you can’t tell, it’s early January, it’s 13 degrees, and I’m tired of waiting!!!


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