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December 1, 2009

The mini Christmas tree in my window is at least 10° crooked. Luckily, you can’t spell crooked without Crookshank. I’m not exactly sure what my last name means, but my grandpa said that it refers to the shepherd’s crook (or staff) and the shank (hip) of sheep from ye olde Scotland. However, it could also mean crooked legs, similar to Longshanks . Now, there is no “s” on the end of my last name, but there are those who feel the “s” is necessary. So I’m not sure if it was once there and got truncated, or if maybe my ancestors had just one crooked leg. Nevertheless, something to think about…..while I wait for the Peace Corps…

After going through a phase of reading an unsustainable amount of PCV blogs from Georgia, I think I have finally settled down into wait mode. My LED light is red, not green, as it were. The harsh reality is that I could be waiting for 8 more months before I know a scrap more.

But, it’s December, which is a great time of year, not counting the diminishing daylight. The darkness really does seem to come earlier than ever before in my life. The Winter Solstice will be a welcome sight.

As for the day-to-day, tonight I am looking forward to my favorite meal as a little kid, which is battered fish (a la ketchup) and macaroni and cheese. I haven’t had any macaroni and cheese since last spring, so it will be delicious. Then I will watch the Illini men’s basketball team take on Clemson!