I received medical clearance today. I can’t believe it happened so soon! But I am quite pleased with the news. Suddenly, not only am I through one of the PC’s flaming hoops, but I also have peace of mind knowing that I am a perfectly healthy 23 year old dude.

So, where does that leave me?
Application: Check
Interview: Check
Nomination: Check
Dental Clearance: Check
Medical Clearance: Check
Legal Clearance: No Holds
Invitation: Waiting…

I’m not sure if my background check is complete or not. There might be some more intensive investigation done after the medical clearance is passed. However, I have nothing to hide so it’s a non-issue.

That leaves the infamous invitation. So coveted, yet so hard to attain. The email I just received said that there are 2 nominees for every invitation slot. If that’s so then all I have to do is seek out my nominee fiend and challenge him/her to a duel. But PC is about non-violent progress, so they suggested continuing gaining work and volunteer experience. Since I am doing both those things, I’m not worried.

Now the real wait begins. If waiting to get nominated and medically cleared is like waiting for December 25th as a child eager for Ninja Turtles/pirate Legos/Nintendo, then waiting for an invitation must be like lying awake in your bed Christmas morning, staring at the clock as it reads 5:12, waiting until the moment it strikes the glorious 6:00 mark, which your parents said was when you could come wake them up for the final time and then open presents. Whew.

As Radiohead once said, “I’m not livin, I’m just killin time.”

That’s not entirely true – I have been doing all my normal stuff, especially trying to soak up seasonal/special activities with friends and family, but my head is often drifting in the clouds somewhere over the Caucasus Mountains throughout the day.

I am starting to get very, very excited.


One Response to “Medic!”

  1. Peter Says:

    Wait.. don’t we get to hear about the rectal exams? 😉

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