Operation Medical Packet: Complete

Last Wednesday, 41 days after receiving my medical packet, I handed my stuffed envelope to the Postal Service clerk. Never before had I spent so much time and so many thoughts on a bundle of paperwork.


As I was copying all the documents the night prior, I began to wonder if I would really get medically cleared. The diagnosis from each doctor was that I am completely healthy. But I was a tad concerned that my paperwork didn’t tell that story with great detail. On the Section II evaluation from my general physician, she just wrote that I had neither a heart murmur or mitral valve prolapse. My cardiologist confirmed those findings to me verbally, but I wonder if I should have had him scribble that down. However, I am not very worried about it at all. If PC comes back and needs more information, I know where to go and get it.

It feels great not only to have all that work behind me, but also to have a stable of healthcare professionals in my new home of St. Louis. A lack of having a doctor to call upon had always been one of the things that bothered me about living here.

And so it begins, the great wait. I will hang out until I (hopefully) get medically cleared (my guess: December). Then I will bide my time with all my little daily activities until I get that big email someday next spring. And on that day, I will be the most excited, scared, and satisfied guy for miles.


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