A Warm Cup of…

The medical progress continues. After a nice weekend in Cleveland over Labor Day, I returned to St. Louis, AT&T, and Peace Corps medical packet work.

Recent Events:
9/4 – Picked up Cardiologist’s evaluation along with fresh EKG and old Echo results
9/12 – Visited LabCorp to do my blood work and urinalysis
9/14 – Called my Dr. to have them add the Hepatitis C Antibody to the LabCorp request since it was forgotten, visited Connect Care to get a TB test done
9/15 – Scheduled an appointment with my Dr. next Tuesday to finish the paperwork

So, I could have all my paperwork done on the 22nd of the month. That would be perfect. Getting everything done in less than 2 months while working and having to see a specialist sounds pretty awesome in my book. Especially for me, since I tend to heavily procrastinate when it comes to making medical appointments.

What’s left? Tomorrow I get the TB test read (Right now it is hardly even noticeable…is that normal?). I need to get a Tetanus booster and a Polio booster. Finally, I need to find my pediatrician records because I don’t think my SLU immunization history covers everything the application is asking for (ex: Yellow Fever and different types of Hep A&B).

I’m feeling good! At this point I feel confident about my packet and my chances of getting cleared. It feels like I’m just taking care of some loose ends now, having already triumphed over most of the packet’s difficult requirements.

In other news, my friend Bryce accepted a position in the United States Secret Service last night! I am extremely happy for him. Bryce, another friend from work named Chris, and I all had a running joke of who would win the race to get out of AT&T first. I always knew Bryce would win. It’s so cool to see someone’s career unfold like that.

With that news, I am wondering if I should spill the Peace Corps beans to Bryce and Chris. I have been dying to tell them for quite some time, but have opted not to because I want to make sure my pursuit of this dream remains confidential until I have some sort of offer. But after holding out for almost 9 months, I feel like I am hiding part of myself from my friends.


One Response to “A Warm Cup of…”

  1. Peter Says:

    Polio? Do you need to get re-vaccinated for that? Don’t you get that as an infant and have to verify it to get into any school, including SLU?

    We are going to create a superpolio!

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