Feeling Good

The past week has been challenging, but now that I’m through it all, it feels great!

Monday was my appointment with my new physician. She is an Italian doctor on The Hill, St. Louis’s Italian neighborhood. I think that’s cool. Her office has no curb appeal whatsoever. The inside of the building looks like it hasn’t been renovated in 35 years. But that’s okay! Who needs curb appeal and nice furnishings when you’re dealing with a great doctor? She was awesome about filling out the forms and getting me what I needed. I have to go back in a couple weeks to complete the paperwork once I have my lab stuff done. They referred me to specific labs for the tests, which is perfect. I am also proud to report my blood pressure was 120/70. Yes, I was worried about it. My mom is a bit of a worrier, and I suppose you could say the same about me.

Today was the cardiologist. After navigating Forest Park Parkway in lieu of the shuttered Highway 40, I made my way up to the 11th floor of the University Club Towers. I had been there before in college for an echo. Today I was just expecting to meet the doctor and have him fill out my papers, but they wanted to do an EKG. I was actually relieved when I heard them say that because I had been concerned that the Peace Corps might not accept my 2+ year old EKG. So I did that, then met the Dr.

He was a really cool guy. He was not much older than me, which was a first for me in a medical setting. He was very laid back, thoroughly explaining that my Mitral Valve Prolapse diagnosis from my teenage years was one of many made when the standard for MVP was different. He said I had no heart murmur. My EKG was normal. He showed me how I have what is called a Sinus Arrythmia. It’s normal in young people (your heart beat slows while you exhale). He also looked at my old echo and Holter and said everything was fine. When I mentioned my preventricular contractions, he said that they were very common. He even has them! So it was great to hear that I am perfectly healthy. It was also funny for me because he was calling me “man” and the whole thing was very casual. I got the vibe that he almost wanted to be my friend. Definitely an enjoyable visit. All my visits have gone very well.

The Punch List
1. Get immunization history from SLU (what in the name of Biondi is taking so long?)
2. Schedule urinalysis/blood work from LabCorp
3. Schedule the PPD test
4. Pick up completed paper work from U-Club towers
5. Visit physician to complete paper work
6. Send it in
7. Pay the bills (the scariest part)

I’m thinking 2-3 weeks is very realistic. My goal is to have it in by the end of September. But I think I can beat that goal.

One other thing I learned today: When I collapsed at the 2008 St. Louis Marathon, I thought I just had severe dehydration. As the cardiologist was looking at my chart, he asked, “Did you know you had mild renal failure?” “What’s that?” I quickly inquired. He explained. I was surprised to learn that my kidneys had begun to fail on that day. I already feel lucky for surviving that whole experience, and now I feel even more grateful. Wow.


One Response to “Feeling Good”

  1. Ross Frye Says:

    Do you remember floating in a lazy river talking about the stock market and your cardiologist apt., i miss our old man monemts

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