A Surprise Interview and More

It’s funny that I mentioned how the interview is a minor thing you have to do in my last post. As I was driving to Indianapolis on Friday to see my good friend Joe, I got a call from the Chicago PC recruiter. The interview process changed. Since I am in an in-between spot, they needed to interview me again. At this point, I really wasn’t surprised when I heard the news. I kind of expect things not to go in a linear fashion, and PC keeps meeting my expectations!

So I did that on the phone yesterday. The questions were pretty much the same as the first interview. But it was pretty cool just to interview over the phone. I had never done that before, and it’s advantageous in several ways.

The main thing on my mind has been the medical packet. I have made some good progress lately:
-Had my vision appointment and got the form for glasses completed
-Picked up my dental paperwork and original x-rays
-Traded emails with a PC Nurse regarding the heart stuff
-Scheduled a cardiologist appointment for next Tuesday

The significant thing here is that I could be done with all the visits/paperwork next Tuesday! I’m not completely getting my hopes up, because I might miss something or have to go back again later for clarification, but it would be huge if I could have all the visits done within a month of getting the med packet.

Right now the only bottleneck I have is the receipt of my medical records. I need to call SLUCare (they called me today) about my records, which I hope to receive before my appointments. Other than that, my only worry is getting everything submitted correctly the first time so I don’t have to endure an extra wait.

Until next time, reader, when I will shower you with the gifts that are the details of my medical journey…


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