I’d Like to Make an Appointment

You know what I like about this part of the Peace Corps application process? The ball is back in my court!

There really are only two times the ball is in your court when applying. The first is filling out the application materials. The other is completing the medical work. Sure, you could consider the interview something you actively do, but to me it’s kind of a minor step.

So far this week I have made some decent progress. On Monday I contacted SLU and SLUCare to gather medical records. I filled out both their request forms and mailed them on Tuesday. I also called my dentist’s office. I dropped my paperwork off on Tuesday and they completed it the next day! I went back to grab it, but they had gone for the day. So I will pick that up soon. Since I had a cleaning/xray session in May, there was no need to do another examination. Wednesday I scheduled a physical with the doctor Ross recommended. I also emailed Peace Corps with some questions. Today I set up a vision appointment with a new optometrist. The last thing I need to schedule is the cardiologist visit. I figured that visit is the most involved, so I want to be the most informed before I schedule it.

Now I just hope that SLU is able to mail me my immunization history and all my heart docs!


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