You killed 1,034 lbs of food. You carried 200 lbs back to the wagon.

untitledDid you ever get that line while playing Oregon Trail? The excitement of a bit of violence in an otherwise educational game gets the best of you. I was always amazed that those pioneers could carry 200 lbs back to the wagon!

There have been a couple incredibly minor things that happened this week in my PC journey, not unlike Zeke suffering a snake bite in aforementioned game. The first thing is the trouble I’ve had logging in to the Peace Corps toolkit. My password never works (I have to get a temporary password every time). Then, my medical packet was mailed to my parents’ house. Not the end of the world, but I want to attack that thing! The final thing is that my service site will be shutting down for a month and a half. That makes me feel even more fortunate to have been nominated for business, as I would have been left hanging with 23 hours out of 30 completed on my ESL requirement. As long as only small things go wrong, I’m fine!

Other things going on in my life right now:
-Several scheduled days off coming up
-Trip to Indianapolis to visit a friend
-Trip to Cleveland over Labor Day
-Trip to Chicago to visit a friend
-Jury duty (!) sometime this fall

In my next post I’ll detail the medical packet and its repercussions.


One Response to “You killed 1,034 lbs of food. You carried 200 lbs back to the wagon.”

  1. Ross Frye Says:

    “Mary has a broken arm”

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