Hello August

When I talked to the recruiter last week, she was really excited that I have been volunteering. She made it sound as if there were a handful of non-French/non-Spanish business opportunities which I’ll be in the running for. I would be thrilled, surprised, but thrilled, if I got one of those nominations. That would mean I could get started with all the medical tests right away, instead of waiting to gain 30 ESL hours, get nominated, and then get the medical stuff.

She told me if I don’t get the business nomination, then there would almost positively be an ESL spot for me once I get my hours. That is still their highest need.

I am very excited! If I had to bet, I think I will get nominated and it will be ESL. All of this activity comes at a good time for me mentally, as I have been thinking about my future a bit and dreading the idea of grinding for another year. My two closest friends at work both seem pretty close to leaving, which makes my pangs worse. I can’t decide if I will tell them about it whenever I get nominated! I haven’t told anyone at work about my Peace Corps dream.


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