Round 2

This week I am supposed to reach back out to my Peace Corps recruiter to get my file out of hold status. If you are turned down for nomination 2 different times, your file gets placed on hold. I was concerned when I first heard about it, but the recruiter assured me it was not a bad thing.

So, what will happen next? I am optimistic about my chances. I think I have probably around a 50/50 chance of being nominated for Business Advising. If I don’t get that, I think there is a 50%+ chance I would get nominated for teaching English once I get my 30 ESL hours. Right now I have 14 hours done. If I get neither of those, there is a 50% chance I will cry.

One bad thing for me is that I am now competing against a fresh crop of very unemployed college graduates. I don’t think my application will be considered special just because it’s been in the pile for a while.

On the plus side, I have probably improved my chances of nomination. Having an active service site can only be a good thing. I am demonstrating to the Peace Corps that I am committed to getting into their program.

There are moments when I’m sitting at work or at home where the idea of the Peace Corps is a life preserver. I think I would drown in the Sea of Young Professionals Without Direction if it were not for this opportunity on the horizon.

There are also moments where I think I might be crazy for wanting to do this. I wonder if I am really cut out for such an adventure. I like to think I am, but there is only one way to know for sure. And first, I have to get nominated.


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