Fast Forward to Slow Motion

Wow! Every time I think about updating this site it seems like at least half a month passes. It truly is incredible to me how fast time is passing since I’ve graduated school. Yikes.

Well, I still have no service site. I have narrowed down a short list, which is progress, but perhaps not enough progress. My choices right now:

America SCORES – Coaching/reffing soccer for city kids after school. Definitely the coolest option I’ve found. However, it would be a time crunch with my work schedule. I have also not heard back from the two different reps I contacted…

Adult Education and Literacy – Through the St. Louis Public Schools. I just found this one last night. The hours look very flexible and they are open until 8. That is what I need! Plus, in my eyes the SLPS need all the help they can get.

Blumeyer Community Activities Center – Similar to the above…I just found it and will be looking into it.

Gateway Greening – Possibly the most convenient of the choices. An urban renewal program aimed at cleaning up city neighborhoods. As a downtown resident, I think there would be plenty of weekend projects within walking distance. The question is: how does the PC see this type of service? This service falls into the manual labor category – I fear the PC wants people-oriented service activities.

No strike yet. We are in limbo which is adding to my predicament. I wish it would just get settled so we could move on.

I could possibly be hearing from the Chicago PC office in 2 or 3 weeks regarding a nomination!


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