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Nomination Imminent

April 30, 2009

“Collision Imminent” – The frantic words I hated hearing while playing Blast Corps on Nintendo 64 as a kid.

So my 2 week quota has passed. I apologize! I bring many bits of news today.

-Yesterday I worked my first ever 14 hour day. Hopefully I don’t have a lot of those in my future. Thank God for non-exempt status!

-I turned 23 last Tuesday. I also worked late on this day – welcome to adulthood!

-My friend Ben has returned from a year in Bolivia volunteering at an orphanage.

-Jared passed his Marine Corps physical fitness test with flying colors. He ran 3 miles in 19:20!

-I should get nominated for PC next week.

Yesterday I had a phone interview with my Chicago regional recruiter. After verifying a lot of application material, straightening out what exactly my degree is in, and stumbling over a question I sidestepped in the interview (“Tell me about a time when you had a disagreement with someone…..”), she finally got around to the good stuff. She gave me 3 options: Eastern Europe, Eastern/Southern Africa, and Asia. I needed to rank them and get back to her.

My ranking:
1. Eastern Europe – I fear I will never get to Eastern Europe if I don’t volunteer there. I’ve always seen myself there after reading Ian’s PC blog on the PC website. If I could learn Russian, I think that would be a very valuable skill. Not an easy task of course.

2. Africa – I can’t lie…proximity to the 2010 World Cup played a role here. The problem is I would be heading out in May 2010 and the World Cup is that summer. Would I be able to take time off that soon to go?? In my head, Africa would be the ultimate Peace Corps experience, and a great stretch of my comfort zone.

3. Asia – I’m not sure why I ranked it third.

There is a 30% chance I could be accepted into an earlier program if someone drops out. Now to just hear more and pass medical and legal clearnances, plus get invited….


Fast Forward to Slow Motion

April 14, 2009

Wow! Every time I think about updating this site it seems like at least half a month passes. It truly is incredible to me how fast time is passing since I’ve graduated school. Yikes.

Well, I still have no service site. I have narrowed down a short list, which is progress, but perhaps not enough progress. My choices right now:

America SCORES – Coaching/reffing soccer for city kids after school. Definitely the coolest option I’ve found. However, it would be a time crunch with my work schedule. I have also not heard back from the two different reps I contacted…

Adult Education and Literacy – Through the St. Louis Public Schools. I just found this one last night. The hours look very flexible and they are open until 8. That is what I need! Plus, in my eyes the SLPS need all the help they can get.

Blumeyer Community Activities Center – Similar to the above…I just found it and will be looking into it.

Gateway Greening – Possibly the most convenient of the choices. An urban renewal program aimed at cleaning up city neighborhoods. As a downtown resident, I think there would be plenty of weekend projects within walking distance. The question is: how does the PC see this type of service? This service falls into the manual labor category – I fear the PC wants people-oriented service activities.

No strike yet. We are in limbo which is adding to my predicament. I wish it would just get settled so we could move on.

I could possibly be hearing from the Chicago PC office in 2 or 3 weeks regarding a nomination!