Scratching the Surface

Last week I finished all of my application. It wasn’t too bad. After submitting it I found that I had to submit additional paperwork about my loans. Okay, no big deal. But it’s kind of silly that the paperwork essentially asked the same things as the application. I need to send that in along with my transcript. Other than that, the application process has been pretty straightforward.

Last Sunday and Monday I contacted all of my references. The first was turned in on Friday.

Would you be willing...

Would you be willing...

The second letter went in today. Now I am just waiting on the last one. It’s nice to have 2/3 done! I’ve heard that getting the recommendations in is the hardest part!

I am still trying to mentally prepare myself for the huge journey ahead. But the more I observe my life right now, the more I realize I am just kind of biding my time until X happens. X could be finding someone to date. It could be some other big idea. But I am really glad that X is going to be the Peace Corps (if I get in of course). While I like my day-to-day life at my job, the idea of doing it for several years, let alone 30 or 40, is not very exciting. I get tired of the routine.

So, I bide my time. I look forward to the opportunity to travel, serve, and learn. I drool at the thought of being bilingual, even though I probably have no idea how difficult it will be. Until next time


One Response to “Scratching the Surface”

  1. Peter Says:

    Languages are tough – My initial experiences were ones of frustration (despite two semesters of coursework), where everyone talks too fast and doesn’t annunciate and slurs their words and so on and so forth. The key is to focus on what you know, not what you don’t.

    Hopefully you continue to have more experiences with children because they are a great resource for learning a new language: They don’t use complex vocabulary, they tend to speak slower, they might even be more patient as well.

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