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Scratching the Surface

February 16, 2009

Last week I finished all of my application. It wasn’t too bad. After submitting it I found that I had to submit additional paperwork about my loans. Okay, no big deal. But it’s kind of silly that the paperwork essentially asked the same things as the application. I need to send that in along with my transcript. Other than that, the application process has been pretty straightforward.

Last Sunday and Monday I contacted all of my references. The first was turned in on Friday.

Would you be willing...

Would you be willing...

The second letter went in today. Now I am just waiting on the last one. It’s nice to have 2/3 done! I’ve heard that getting the recommendations in is the hardest part!

I am still trying to mentally prepare myself for the huge journey ahead. But the more I observe my life right now, the more I realize I am just kind of biding my time until X happens. X could be finding someone to date. It could be some other big idea. But I am really glad that X is going to be the Peace Corps (if I get in of course). While I like my day-to-day life at my job, the idea of doing it for several years, let alone 30 or 40, is not very exciting. I get tired of the routine.

So, I bide my time. I look forward to the opportunity to travel, serve, and learn. I drool at the thought of being bilingual, even though I probably have no idea how difficult it will be. Until next time