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Prowling at WashU

January 26, 2009

Tonight my good friend Ben and I braved the crazy St. Louis drivers in our first real snowstorm of the year to attend a PC information session at Wash U (we saw at least one wreck on the way over).

Ben is a senior at SLU and was the one who significantly rekindled my PC interest. I was glad we went together. It was odd trying to find my way around a university building again. I must say, Wash U’s Danforth Center is a beautiful building.

We heard from the local PC person. It was great to hear stories from an actual Returned Peace Corps Volunteer. She got me pumped up to go and mitigated some of my fears. Something about seeing a person in real life who has done it, rather than just reading about these people who I’ll never meet… I am now inspired to begin the arduous application process.

The best part of the night, besides Ben’s company and the snow, was the reassurance that PC pretty much takes care of every worry you could have. This program seems so solid and will be so beneficial to me. Amazing!